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Maintaining a vehicle is expensive, but here are some tips that you can control to save money. 

Fuel efficiency: With gas prices going only in the upward direction, knowing some tips and tricks to save your gas can go a long way in saving money for your other bills.

Purchase gas at colder temperatures: This is particularly applicable during warmer months. When temperatures are lower, as they usually are during the earlier part of the day, gas is cooler and denser. This means you will get more volume of gas for your money. Gas tends to expand with increasing temperature. So, as temperatures increase, the density of gas decreases. This means you’ll end up filling less volume of gas for the same money.

Stay away from gas refills on highways: Highway gas refills are expensive. Instead of paying more at such stations, plan your trips ahead. If your trip is a sudden decision, then consider refilling at a cheaper fuel station.

Avoid waiting for an empty tank to refill: If you have the habit of filling gas only after the tank is nearly empty, then you could be losing on cheaper fuel deals. Instead, refill when the tank is half empty. This way you will not be stuck with an empty tank when you need it the most. With an empty tank, you have no other choice but to accept the fuel rates at the station nearby even if they are pricey.

Perform engine tuning: Engine tuning involves adjusting or modifying the ECU – Engine Control Unit – or the internal combustion engine. Tuning is performed to improve engine performance and durability. Check your owner’s manual to know the schedule for an engine tune-up and get it done accordingly by a professional.

Use only manufacturer-recommended engine oil: Using different engine oil other than the one specified in your owner’s manual can lead to less fuel efficiency. This is because your vehicle engine has to work harder when it is powered by unfamiliar engine oil, which leads to greater gas consumption.

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